Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

You handle the Altar Boys now, Fr. Max @ Maxmillianno Benhor Hontor? Don’t end up being a pedophile Catholic priest fucking little boys, Ben. Just like your pedophile Catholic priest friend, Fr. D.


So I saw pictures of you…

my dear gay boyfriend Ben @ gay Ben @ gay Catholic priest Fr. Maxmillianno Benhor Hontor @ gay Fr. Max @ gay Dante De Diego @ gay

…wearing an Altar Servers t-shirt the other day.

I remember how you like to look at, eye on and stare at those good looking high school boys back then and pretentiously said…

“Eh, that boy often goes to church.”

“Eh, that boy is one of the lay members/catechists’ son.”

“Eh, that boy seems familiar, oh, he always attends sunset mass, no wonder looks familiar.”

Go to hell with your bullshit, Ben.

Why didn’t you just say that you wanted to stare at them for long? Because that was your supposed intention, I suspect.

Plus, you’re gay. So of course you will look at any handsome looking thing.

BUT, those are fucking underage kids, SO DON’T FUCKING EVER think about it.

Don’t slip, Ben, touch wood, but it’s starting to concern me if you’re becoming a pedophile.

That Altar Servers t-shirt is rather, fishy.

Wait a minute. Who the fuck is that good looking underage handsome boy you sat next to?

And oh, I saw pictures of you sitting next to a very good looking underage boy the other day.

A boy with the kind of good-looking look you would definitely stare at and get a good conversation with and probably texting messages with, you bet, and I’m not surprised.

It’s just like what I always noticed when we were together.

Oops, slipped off my mouth. No sorry.

Anyway, Fr. Max @Maxmillianno Benhor Hontor, just be very careful not to become a pedophile Catholic priest like your pedophile Cathodic priest friend Fr. D.

Handling altar boys? What a big messy fucking mistake your gay ass is getting yourself into. BIG MISTAKE.

You better step back, step off and step out from handling altar boys, Ben. You better. You fucking better. Because my gut feeling is never wrong…

…but now that I said it, perhaps now, from this time on, you’ll be extra careful, wary, cautious, prudent and stay alerted in conscience, and minding, and watching your steps, heedfully in attentive thoughtfulness.

Take care, Ben dear.