Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

Good luck to your new victim of love, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor.


I am moody this morning. Thanks to you Ben, for sticking in my head and in this stupid heart (a heart that you cheated) every second of 24/7. The way I look back and understand it, I am a victim of your love.

I was wondering… who’s your new love and sex toy now, Fr. Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor? I bet you give this new love and sex toy of yours all the deep love, deep hope and deep ass promises of all things shining shimmering splendid right? Like all that bullshit you had given me.

I’m sure you text chatting, video-calling and kissing over the camera with your new love and sex toy too… especially in between 1pm to 2pm during your rest time and in between 5pm to 6.30pm before you head out for your priestly works that usually start at around 7pm onward. Didn’t we fucking had it all too? We fucking had it all.

Some of our kissing-over-the-camera loveliness are in my Instagram @paulmaxben in case you feel like recalling our sweet ass memories.


There are still a few of those but I’ll upload them gradually or perhaps post them all out in the coming Christmas. There are screenshots with your clear face too. You can keep changing your name “Dante Diego” to “Diego Dante” to “Max Diego” to the current one on your Facebook “Bendiego De Diego”. I think you’ll change it again once you’ve read this.

Now, back to your new victim of love…

I’m dead sure you buy all the good and sweet gifts for this new love and sex toy of yours. You bought me good ones back when we were still lovers too. Thanks to your easy priesthood money and privileges, what a massive fortune you’re have. Truly massive.

By the way, I still keep your Dunhill boxes. You and I used to smoke together when we went out for meals, dinner especially. Do you still smoke, Ben dear? I mean, do you still smoke Dunhill cigarettes? That’s a pricey shit for a priest who earns an allowance of 4 hundred Ringgit a month. Has it been increased?

Oh, not to mention all the big ass pure cash that are frequently, repeatedly and constantly been given by the parishioners during house blessings, birthday blessings, open houses, funeral masses (may be) and during all the other churchy rites and churchy occasions. Priesthood money is a bliss right Fr. Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor? It sure is.

I won’t doubt the notion that the main reason you’re in priesthood is mainly for the money and the easiness of the job (is it even a job?). The priestly works are just a plain ass mask you put on all day. Keep denying. You’re good with lies. Just like you lied to me about the presumably Gambir Sarawak (my heart broke into pieces, who you were having sex with apart from me?) that I found in your car, but I’ll write about this some time soon.

Your big boss and priest-colleagues and parishioners are backing your ass up I know, that’s why you’re still there even after these things about us are now known, luxuriating in the comfort and luxury of priesthood. But it’s fine, just like I said, because you can hardly make it through in the real life (and you know that) so priesthood is the blissful fairy-tale and the blissful path to all the blissful cares and the blissful supports for a happy and fully-supported life. Also, a blissful life of praises and very, very easymoney right into the pocket.

Again, back to your new victim of love…

I am not at all surprised if you have already had all the intimate kissings and all the intimate sex with this new love and sex toy of yours, several times, in your car, Toyota Vigo SAA6620K, like you and I used to. You fucked your nephew (me), Uncle Ben. My butt hole knows your dick so well.

And I am not surprised that the day will come when once you start to get bored of the same dick, same ass, same shit, same face of your current love and sex toy… and that very day, you’ll dump this new love and sex toy of yours too, you definitely will. Exactly the way you dumped me. But I’m sure you’ll be extra careful this time – perhaps breaking up in a peaceful way so you won’t again get caught. What a clever fox.

You dumped me after our 3 long ass years love relationship that we kept it a secret because you are a Catholic priest. You dumped me. And it hurts like hell. But still I love you anyway.

Reverend Father Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor, your love is a charming and irresistible spell, it’s really an art I wish to learn. The fuck and go type is in your blood and you know that. So good luck to whoever the poor ass you’re kissing and having sex with now because that poor ass too, will be fucking dumped soon.

A victim of your very convincing love,

P/S: I love you still Ben dear. I am a loyal dog. A dog, because you dumped me like one. Like a trash too I am to you. Fuck me right? Smirk all you want. I remember all the smirks your pierced me with.

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