Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

Who do you have sex with now, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor?


Honestly, Ben. Who? Please don’t fucking lie about having nobody because I’m pretty sure that you’re in another relationship right now, having another secret love affair with someone else.

Ben, Ben… you are goddamn good when it comes to keeping secrets. We kept our love affair a secret for 3 long years didn’t we Ben? Yeah, we fucking did. From when you were still serving in St. John Catholic Church, Tuaran and now at Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Kota Kinabalu, we managed to keep our romantic and intimate love a secret.

But shit happened along the way. We fucked up and you trashed me and then you hard-smacked me with brick-thick shits because you thought I would keep my quiet about us anyway, you thought that I was afraid if people know that I’m a motherfucking gay and you thought I would not dare to expose our love affair. But I fucking did, didn’t I? Sorry but no sorry Ben, you misjudged and belittled my handsome shaved-but-sometimes-bushy balls that you once used to gently squeeze and rub.

Now back to the question, “Who do you have sex with now, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor?”. You are not going to answer the question, I know. And even if you were to answer it, you’d say, “No one”. Yeah right, “no one”, “no one” my fucking ass. I’m not surprised, because you have a priest title to take a good care of so of course you will need to be extra careful now ever since the day I exposed our love affair.

Well, your nice smartphone has the answers no? Now go and delete the records in it with a mindfulness that someone might snatch it off and steal it from you because you’re going to be so fucked up if you ever lose your phone. But of course, I’m sure you have readied any needed security if ever your phone slips off your hands. You’re a genius when it comes to prudence.

Keep appearing bright with a fucking halo, my butt hole knows your penis so fucking well anyways, Fr. Max Benhor.

The Catholic Church and its sex scandals. It’s a worldwide shit.

Surprisingly, even after your big boss Bishop John Wong knew about us and words are spread from ears to ears, you’re still steadily standing there as a Catholic Priest, Ben. What a good given worked-out luck.

I met your big boss Bishop John Wong back in March 9th, 2019 at around 7.30am at his luxury mansion near Dontozidon, Penampang. I showed him our video-calling kissing screenshots but as expected, his reaction was like he wasn’t surprised at all, he didn’t give a shit, as if it is something normal in the Catholic Church in KK.

And hell, time passes and I heard some other things too… that the Catholic Church Diocese of Kota Kinabalu indeed has such sexy sexual shits going on for years. And what did the church do? The church sent those alleged priests to another countries and they’d later come back in like 2 to 3 years and this 2 to 3 years period is in fact a very good and practical period of time for everyone to forget about the sexual cases they once had. Alternatively, they get transferred to a different diocese in the state. Well-played.

I heard of a woman being abused by a local priest. The priest’s big boss knew about it but the big boss didn’t do anything and chose to remain silent instead. The woman, from what I heard, she lodged a report to the authority and the church since then had sent off the priest to Thailand. Pick a guess, who’s that? This shit sounds very interesting… and it’s also funny how the word didn’t make it out to many ears.

There was also this gay priest who once served in Kiulu. He had a young boyfriend there. They were in love and had sex like all lovers do and then one day they quarreled and the boy was pissed off he exposed the love affair he had with the priest (this sounds very much like us too, Ben) and the church immediately sent the priest off to the Philippines for 2 years. Now the priest has returned and currently serving in Ranau. This gay priest was in your batch too, Ben. And he is your friend. Both of you look quite alike from afar but of course you are more fucking handsome to me, Ben fucking dear.

Oh well, it’s a worldwide shit this Catholic Church sex scandal is, and the Catholic Church always protects its priests anyways, it’s a norm since decades. Just Google this shit up and it pops out anywhere. Some fucking clowns and predators under a white ass fucking chapel in the mask of Jesus forking Christ. Merry fucking Christmas.

All of this too, goes down to the parishioners and the keen and ‘obsessed’ church goers I’d reckon. They have this ‘we must love and protect our priests and the church’ mentality indoctrinated into their gullible heads that it turns out to be some sort of a cognitive dissonance that whenever they hear such sexy ass sex things going on with their priests and diocese, they’d just zip their lip off. And that’s why you’re still steadily standing there as a Catholic priest, Ben. A round of applause.

But I’m good. You can be all the priest all you want Ben, sucking all the good tax-less money and privileges, sucking all the handsome dicks you’d fall in love with while priesthooding around selling myths and fairy tales because the money earned by selling your middle-eastern fairy tales are fucking abundant. Working as a Catholic priest on its basis is a very highly profitable job and yeah, it earns more than enough money to buy and pay for some hot dicks (and pussy) to lick and fuck with.

As for me and you, Uncle Ben @ Catholic priest Fr. Max Benhor Hontor. We actually had had a love relationship. A romantic one. An intimate one. Lip to lip. Flesh to flesh. Dick to dick. Sweet lollipops. I was there even when you were a just poor little Ben dear wearing torn underwear. I never wanted your fucking money though I did ask for help at times. I love you for you, not for your stupid priest status. Because fuck that too.

By the way Ben, on a side note, I’m pretty sure that the KK Diocese will transfer you to serve in a smaller town or to a more rural area after your current posting in Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu. I’m fucking sure of this. But if they read this, I’d say that they might change their mind just to contrast against this.

You dumped me. You dumped me just like that. Like a fucking garbage, Ben.

Why, Ben? Was it because you wanted to focus on your priesthood and all the Jesus stuffs? If so, that, my Ben dear, would be a lie. I slightly noticed how you lied and cheated me when we were still lovers back then. You always seemed to have someone else apart from me, it’s a gut feeling, but the way you reacted and responded at times kind of signaling my senses that you do at the time having someone else apart from me. You were not an honest person. You are not. And you will never be.

This reminds of your text chats with this handsome ‘MV’ boy that noon. He seemed to have gotten fat like a fucking pig now and I’m guessing that you’re no longer have any interest in that sexy-turned-fat-pig kiddo anymore. I don’t quite remember how the shit went but you lied to me about something that day. You failed in truthfulness and loyalty that day if I could recall. You’re always a heart breaker anyway, but I’m always that fucking stupid idiot who loves you through and through.

I love you like hell but you still dumped me. I love you more than I love myself but still you dumped me. We had such a great love story and still, you dumped me after all. My deep ass love for you, my delicious dick and my tasty asshole weren’t enough for you is it, Benhor? You wanted more.

But fuck, again, don’t tell me you wanted to concentrate on your Jesus twerking Christ and your fucking priesthood, you’re really fucking good at lying and I’m not buying that and if those are the reasons you dumped me, I don’t fucking believe you at all, you little lying fox.

You’re good at convincing anyone with that cute kid’s face of yours, psychologically convincing you truly are. Clearly, it seems like all the priests have this somewhat learned-traits too. Is it a thing learned back in the seminary? Pretty sure it does. It’s very practical. And hell fucking Lucifer it’s fucking incredible.

I take it back. I’m not going to post one or two posts on each month. No fucking way.

In the last post, I said that I’d write a post or two each month. But I take it back, as in an SEO approach, writing very little posts won’t be good for a website. Therefore, I’d write consistently. I’d plop a post weekly, if I do have the time.

In fact, as I did say, this website is a journal and in it are letters to you Ben. Love letters, anger and resentment letters. I have all the words in the world to say to you though we’re worlds apart and to only write a letter or two to you, it’s like, “this love is not alive”. But shit, it’s obviously not alive anyway but fuck this and fuck that and fuck everything else, I’m keeping love alive.

We made a promise to each other, remember? I’m not giving up on that. I’m not giving on you though it’s hopeless I know, Ben. I miss kissing your cheek too. But this screenshot below is one of the screenshots I have as a memory to keep and cherish. A long lost love, you. By the way, why you no longer wearing your round glass Ben? Why now wearing a square-shaped glass? It smells… peculiar.

The verses to the song “Your love is a shit”.

I haven’t finished writing the rap verses of this song and this is only half of each verse. It has already a melody and I personally love the chorus but I haven’t composed it on the workstation yet.

Have a read, it’s all for you anyway. Truth be told.

[Verse 1]
Benhor, how’s life going?
Whose dick you’re sucking now? An altar boy’s? Damn.
You’re really good at keeping secrets.
Your promises to me were just big words, shit hurts.
You dumped me like motherfuckin’ garbage eh?
You dumped me like a motherfuckin dog and left me to stray.
Fr. Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor, I deep-throated your dick, you held my head up and down and you moaned and you loved it and you cummed, cummed and I wasted not a single drip,
And it’s unfortunate for me that someone else is now dick licking your milk.
You’re such a good liar Ben, fuck I bought your love.
I thought your love was fuckin’ true but apparently you only wanted my butt.
Now whose butt are you penetrating everytime your penis stands?
This new somebody’s penis grander is it? I miss your penis Ben.
Now where you at? Are you still serving in Sacred Heart?
It’s more than a way to skin a cat, I’ll find you wherever you are.

[Verse 2]
Benhor, how’s life going?
It’s Paul. Remember? Your ex-boyfriend?
To be exact, your technically ex-boyfriend.
I got reasons and you got yours, but literally we’re still attached.
Fr. Max, who’s your boyfriend now?
Is it someone with a bigger dick and balls the size of a tennis ball?
Or, is it Father R? That fuckin’ fat ass sissy priest?
But he’s so ugly, so it shouldn’t be him, it should be another fuckin’ dick.
Or may be it’s MV, that boy, his face is a charming voodoo
His ass is what your eyes are onto, his ass is what you want to get into.
Well I don’t know, Ben, you’re so fuckin’ secretive.
Even when we were together, you seemed to have another dick.
You’re a fuckin’ cheater, Fr. Max, I don’t know why I love you still.
My love for you is bright like a daffodil, too bad I didn’t fit the bill.
Fuck me right? Right, you fucked me right in my ass.
With a condom on, yeah we had all the good sex.

That’s all for today and this week, Fr. Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor. Ben dear.

I miss you and I love you like hell.

I love you like a strawberry tastes rather awful without chocolates and I don’t even know what the fuck that means but I love you, I do.

Merry Andrew in the mirror sends his regards to you, Ben. He is happily charged and supplemented by your laughs and smiles that he sees on people’s posted pictures. He loves your smirks he says. I did tell him about the uniforms and power-papers but Merry Andrew merrily replied, “Oh such cuteness, what little toys”. He wants to play.

I love you to Mars and back,
Paul, your nephew.

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