Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

Ben dear, I’m busy. I’m busy humming melodies and writing poetry that rhymes. Melodies and poetry for you.


I last posted 11 days ago, Ben.

How are you? Oh I forgot, of course you are fucking fine with all that incredibly nice priesthood money, the fake ass praises hello Father Max hi Father Max and all the stupid little sheep’s “Let’s back Fr. Max up”. Yeah, all these breathe life into you. All these can kiss my ass – my ass that you, Ben dear, had fucked a few times with your tasty dick that I used to lick and suck.

By the way, why you’re recently not wearing your round Harry Potter glass? Is it so that people will not quite recognize that you are Father Max or you are that Father Max in our video-calling kissing screenshots that I posted, is it? Well, I have all your pictures with and without your round glass anyway.


Ben, I’m currently busy. I’m busy making songs that are all about you, all about us. This takes time, I’d need to work on the melodies that I hummed in my head onto a digital audio workstation and also writing words that rhyme – rap. I’m still familiarizing with the workstation so yeah, this might take a long time.

Songs are easier to remember and people tend sing the good ones too. And it’s pretty much of a great good shit when people start to ask, “Who is this Paul Maxben?”. Songs will literally make a story lives on because music is a very powerful thing.

When I was 18, Ben, I wanted to pursue music but shit happened, long story short; I roamed into a different road. I studied a course I didn’t want to and worked on jobs I wasn’t passionate about. But I’m sure as hell that I’m a hell of a good bathroom singer though, and I love rap music since I was like 13 years old. Well, I should thank you, Ben, you brought me back to the path that I left like 14 years ago. You are the reason I won’t be singing in the bathroom anymore.

Here’s one that I titled, “Benhor, you fucking hurt me like hell”.

The song: Benhor, you fucking hurt me like hell.

I needed you always all the time
And you were always around
But suddenly you left me one day
You fucking left me like a fucking garbage
And I’m dying
I’m fucking dying ever since
And everyday until now it still pains me
Benhor, you fucking hurt me like hell

[Verse 1]
Fuck you, and fuck everyone who’s backing your ass up too
Fuck everyone who thinks I’m the bad guy
Fuck everyone who thinks you’re the good guy
Fuck everyone who thinks I’m good too
Fuck everyone who thinks you’re the bad guy either
We both fucked up but the truth is you fucked me the fuck up more than I ever could fuck you the fuck up
Shut the fuck up all you fucking parishioners
Ben is my uncle, he had fucked me in the anus
So fucking what? We had the all the gay shit
And I’m his nephew I had licked sucked his gay dick
Goddammit, now Ben is fucking a new ass
A new tight ass since my ass lost its tightness
I’m jealous, a new mouth’s sucking his dick now
This rips my heart out, I’m a loyal ass cow
No more, making love in his Toyota Vigo SAA6620K
Okay, indeed I miss swallowing Ben’s sperms
Salty buttery warm he cums in my mouth, nyum
Tasty wet dick I truly miss to tongue tongue
As we did many times on Sugud Hill, Penampang
Making love under the stars as the moon shines
Rode on, fucked on as we moaned on
Those were the best nights we both cummed.

[Verse 2]
No shit, now who’s the new dick you’re fucking with?
Did you buy him gifts and expensive cigarettes?
Like you bought for me when we both still swording dicks.
Great, I’m all jealous as fuck
But good luck to this cock who’s currently sucking your cock, Benhor Hontor
Father Maxmillianno, Dante Diego, Bendiego de Diego
Oh, you’ve changed your Facebook name again, Uncle Ben?
Go and change it again, and again
All your stupid sheep, will course support you coz you’re a Catholic priest
But what if you’re not a Catholic priest, Ben dear?
Trust me, nobody gives a shit, Ben dear.
Remember, you told me you love me so fucking much, you were so convincing
It was unexpected, I got trashed the next day but the night before we played a hell of a sex so intimately, well like we often did, and I often kissed the creamy tip of your dick
You can tell all the people that I made up this shit
But my dick and your dick had a relationship
But I’m guessing that your penis has now a new boy,
A new love and sex toy, that’ll soon be dumped too
Oh boy, you’re the fuck-and-go type Ben
A priest you are still coz the Church is a titan
This piece of poetry exists because it hurts much and these pains won’t cease
But the shittiest part is that I love you still
Another shittier part is that it hurts like hell.

[Verse 3]
Hey Ben, which church are you currently serving at?
Have the boys at this new place you’re at now sucked your dick?
And have you fucked their butts like you fucked my ass?
Or are you still in Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Kota Kinabalu
Or perhaps in the countryside’s church you’ve moved?
Or back again to Ranau serving where you used to?
I mean in St. Peter Claver Catholic Church Ranau
Or may be in St. John Catholic Church Tuaran
Do you still go to St. Paul Dontozidon, Penampang,
where the boys are handsome?
Hmm, I miss sucking your dick
But too bad someone else is now sucking your dick
Or may be you fucked a pussy since you fear to admit
that you’re a gay, born gay, who had a gay sex with me, your nephew
Well, how’s your life in priesthood?
I’m sure you’re doing good coz the money is good.
The money is always good plus the VIP privileges
But you fake out your appearance appearing like a poor ass as always
It’s many easy moneys in there, in priesthood, and it will always be
As long as gullible buys silly fairy tales
Priests and preachers will always earn so well
It’s easy money, free money sprinkling waters,
baptizing babies, uttering scriptures
and that’s it, no sweat, no hardwork
Cars, fuel, food, miscellaneous are all supported
Fuckin’ easy job that sweats not,
but pays well, that’s goddamn fucked up
It’s no wonder, every dude tries to enter the seminary
for an easy life and for money.
And Ben, I’m pretty sure you are too.
If it’s not your priesthood, there’s nothing else you can do.
Good for you Ben dear, that you’re still in there
Even after everyone knows you and I had an affair
Father Max, you got a kid’s face that can fake shit out
Appearing bright but you’re not.
I fucking know you, I fucking know you well.
You’re my cute uncle Ben, who fucked my ass back then.

But I kinda love this one a lot more than the above. I titled it…

“Your love is a shit.”

Stay tuned.

Anyway, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor.

Please take a good care of yourself. I love you still. But I hate you also. But I fucking love you. And I fucking love you ever fucking more. I’m still a loyal fucking dog whose butt you rode when we were still lovers.

Your nephew,

P/S: Who you’re kissing and having sex with now, Ben? Who sucks your dick now, Ben? And whose dick you suck now, Ben? Shit comes, shit goes, I’m glad that we had all that. It’s just too unfortunate for me that all those kissing and sucking and sexing you have now given to someone else. I’m jealous, I fucking am. But I will always love you, remember that. You are the only one who had ever fucked my butt and sucked my dick and I’ll keep it that way because I’m loyal as fuck.

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