Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

Fr. Max Benhor Hontor, what if I woke up to the power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix in me? I’ll make sure everything will smell like death and rot in hell.


Some movie shits.

If I wake up to the brute force of Jean Grey’s Phoenix ability in me, I’ll make sure all the goddamn shitfucks will meet their horrible and torturous end, while you, Ben dear, will witness it all, everything.

And I’ll in the end destroy both myself and you, Fr. Maxmillianno Benhor Hontor, in the most beautiful way – we’ll go up to the space and turn to dust. The pain you have inflicted on me Ben, is an unbearable one. It hurts like hell, it fucking did, it fucking does and will always do

Where’s your round Harry Potter glass, Catholic priest Father Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor?

I saw your pictures again, you without your round glass this time. So where’s your round glass, Ben? Is it because I mentioned about your round glass in the last posts that now you’re not wearing it? Do you take off your round glass now when you are around people as in a Mass or in a gathering occasion?

Is it because I posted pictures and screenshots of you with your round glass on that you’re ashamed and decided to take your round glass off whenever you are around many people so that they won’t recognize that you were the Catholic priest in Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Kota Kinabalu who had a 3-year gay love relationship and gay sex affair with his own nephew?

You’re wearing a contact lens instead is it? Either your round glass is on or not, I have pictures and screenshots of you with and without your round glass on too, Ben dear.

Your recent pictures… you with your smiles on and that stupid shitty ass shit finger love sign. Smile on, smirk on, as if nothing ever happens. Smile on, smirk on, you’ve been smiling and smirking ‘feelinglessly’ since the day you dumped me like a fucking garbage.

I was only your love and sex toy. My butt and my mouth know your penis so well, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor. Perhaps you had gotten bored and tired that time that you needed a new love and sex toy and that’s why you dumped me like a fucking garbage, replacing me with a new love and sex toy. Trust me, you will soon dump this poor ass tool like a fucking garbage too, exactly the way you dumped me.

But of course, of course you will be extra careful now. May be you will not dump that poor ass just like that, but instead, to save your own ass you might just say the word “let’s break up, I want to focus on my priesthood.” and offer that poor ass some money, money that you freely and overwhelmingly received straight into your pocket. What an incredibly fortunate life in priesthood where money is never a problem. Where money can be had so damn easily because it’s always the the parishioner’s habit to give away money to priests.

Where was I? Ah, yes, about being careful. You just didn’t expect that I had the balls (my balls that you had grabbed and rubbed) that I come out of the fucking closet to speak up and post things about us. You thought I’ll be ashamed. You thought I was afraid to be shamed and looked down. You thought I dare not to reveal who I truly am – a fucking gay nephew, whose relationship is with you and whose butt been fucked by you, Uncle Ben, Catholic priest Reverend Father Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor.

Even so, your big boss bishop backs you up. Your priest friends back you up. The parishioners back you up. Everyone backs you up. And is just a lonely ass cricket in a silent night.

Well, as long as I live, things will never settle between us Ben. You can now smile and laugh and live your life joyously. All the joys you’re now cherishing will one day perish in a blink of an eye. I’m not a trash to be thrown around just like that after the afterfuck.

Well of course you’ll live life joyously. Your priest title attracts all those joyous things and all things fake too… fake people, fake friends, fake hellos, fake praises and all the fake ass goddamn shits that only a priestly status can attract and this even includes love and sex too, and perhaps the one of the most important one for you is – money.

Free money, without the need to sweat, not one bit. Like I said, you’re just a poor untalented ass without your priest title. And you need that title to support your gay ass financially and to buy gifts for your new love and sex toy too – a sex toy whom you will dump soon, the way you dumped me. Yes, enjoy all of that for now. Because all of that will, in a blink of an eye, perish. Just like that.

Anyway, thanks for fucking my butt with your disloyal hard wet dick, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor. My mouth misses all those moments sucking your dick and swallowing your sperms.

People will buy your innocent child face. You are great at faking things out, successfully.

People will buy your ‘looking-pitiful’ and ‘forcing-a-smile’ face. You can act. And you are always good with secrets too. You can fake things out successfully, acting all pitiful externally but once you get into your room you’d dance joyfully with that wicked smirks of yours. You are a very good actor.

And again, thanks for fucking my butt with your disloyal hard wet dick, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor. My mouth misses all those moments sucking your dick and swallowing your sperms.

You broke our promise Ben. But I am that stupid fucking idiot who’s still holding on to our promise. I had tried and will continue trying to stitch our love back together even though I know it’s fucking hopeless.

You were sweet enough when running promises with your mouth, Ben. Your “I love you” is a bullshit. You really had fooled me. You convinced me with your love and I bought your good fucking lies, not realizing you’ll eventually dump me and leave me alone in this miserable fucking hell.

People will continue to buy your pitiful face but I don’t. Why don’t you show them the way you you wickedly smirk, exactly the way you smirked wickedly at me after you hit me hard with all the unsuspecting heart-breaking hell just to get rid of me.

I will always be that loyal ass dog who loves you so goddamn fucking much. A loyal ass dog who had actually kissed your ass.

I am always the one who shows the effort. I am always the one visiting and reaching you out no matter the fucking long ass distance. I was there for you when no one else was. I was there when you were still wearing your torn underwear.

Everyone becomes your [fake] friends right when you earned your priest title. But prior to that, no one had ever gave a fuck about you. Only I, the nephew whom you loved and had sex with, ever fucking had. I was always there. Remember that, you disloyal lover.

As I did say, disloyal blood runs in you. It’s in your blood. The fuck and go type. What a luck that your innocent childish face is able to hide it all. But for someone who’d been fucked by you like me, I’m not saying you’re bad, I’m just saying that you are one hell of a very convincing fox.

By the way Ben, don’t tell me you left me because you want to focus on your priesthood. That is a pure bullshit, a pure lie. Fuck it. You are fucking good at lying. I am pretty sure that you now have a someone new whom now you’re in love with, kiss with, and having sex with, secretly. Like we did, secretly. Making love on Sunday nights, on a hill, in your car.

But yes, your innocent child face can fake things successfully that people will think that I’m the one who is telling lies. And this makes you smirk all the more, that you have all the people’s supports backing your ass up, your ass that I used to romantically rubbed. Ben dear, I really love these screenshots of us before ending our video call. What memories to keep.

More to come. Christmas is just around the corner.

I really wish we filmed all our dick sucking blowjobs and all our intimate sex romances that we occasionally had in your Toyota Vigo truck SAA6620K on Logkou Hill and Sugud Hill and I would’ve posted them all on Pornhub and on all the gay porn sites already but too bad, we didn’t film any, because I thought we love each other for love, but apparently, I was only your love and sex toy. I am… the used.

If I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix.

If I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix, everyone who has been such a great shitfuck busybody bitch ass had already met their very tragic end as I smirked at them all. If I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix, I’ve taken out all those whom I think should perish from the face of the earth. Twist their heads backwards. Bend their bodies backwards and snap them. As I smirk.

If I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix, everyone who hates me, I would burn and boil them alive. I would cut and chop and minced them and feed them to the dogs and the crocs and the cats and the ants and the pigs. Piercing these haters with millions and millions of needles and nails is one of the wicked shits I would too. Well, if only I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix.

I would do all of that while you, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor, I would make you witness everything – the horrible death of shitfucks and bitches. I would not let you say word. I would zip your lip like magic. I kept only your eyes open wide just so that you can see it all. Yeah, well, if only I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix.

And if you were to ask me why I did what I did. These were the words I would say to you, “I no longer believe in love. Love broke me. You broke me. You, Ben, were the love I once believed and trusted with all my heart. But everything hurts like hell after that. You were the love that broke me. It fucking hurts like hell. And in me, there isn’t a trace of love anymore.”

You know what Ben? If I could project this entire ‘hurt like hell’ vehemence in me to you. Trust me, you will not be able to contain the pains. These pains will burn you to ashes in seconds. I’m strong enough to hold on to this goddamn ‘hurt like hell’ fucking pain because I keep hoping for a little bit of hope for all the hopeless tomorrows.

If I had the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix, I would fly you and I to the outer space. I would release the force, perishing the very existence of you and I both. Sadly and unfortunately and most fuckedly, I don’t have the brute power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix. Because if I do, all that said had all been done. And I will never again be hurt by anyone.

There isn’t if it doesn’t hurt Ben. There is because it hurts. And it hurts like hell. But I love you still, Benhor Hontor.

Your technically ex-boyfriend,
Paul, your nephew.

Long ass P/S:

I know, there are shitfucks telling you, “Be strong Fr. Max, don’t care about him (me)”. Oh well, fuck them all and fuck everyone who comforts your lying disloyal ass, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor. 

Also, my asshole sends his regards to your dick, and my dick sends his regards to your mouth. I wish we filmed everything, everything. Had everything was filmed, it will be all over the porn sites now and you won’t be sitting so relaxingly on your priest title anymore. And you could be wearing back your torn underwear that you hanged dry in your bathroom in your room in St. Peter Claver Catholic Church Ranau a few years ago back when you had not the priest title yet.

You used me for the car, I supposed. Just like that old man you told me about, where he had always been so good giving you free lifts in his car but when he died, you didn’t bother to see his burial at all.

Fuck your prayers Ben. Prayers are mere useless words just like your sweet ass promises Ben, your useless sweet ass promises Ben.

I’m guessing that you gifted too many gifts for your new secret lover like your many gifts to me when I was still your man, when I was still your love, when I was still your sex toy. Thanks for the expensive Samsung phone you gifted me when you became a priest and thanks for the now-empty cigarette boxes of Dunhill and thanks for the rest of the many other gifts.

By the way Ben, do you still smoke Dunhill? What a rich priest you are. And what a lazy ass job you’re doing selling fairy tales and sprinkling waters but with such great monetary privileges. Christmas is coming, make sure to be pretentiously nice to everyone so that everyone will hand you a whole bunch of great Christmas money, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor.

No one looks at you when you were without your priest title but now it’s all fucking amazing how you are surrounded by fake friends and fake people who weren’t even there for your when you weren’t yet a priest and fuck, you don’t even notice a shit no? Ah, you noticed it I know, you just pretend that you don’t. You’re in priesthood for the financial stability and supports. It’s all for the money and conveniences.

I was the loyal ass dog who was always there when you had nothing, when you were nobody. I was always the one who showed the effort to every single fucking thing, every single time. But a blood with a disloyal gene will never be able to see through it all right Ben? What more can be said when it comes to a disloyal gene like yours? The fuck and go type. It’s in your blood – the fuck and go type. But I’m not surprised if everyone buys your innocent child face.

I am angry but I love you still. Thanks for convincing me with your love. I am too fucking convinced that now I can’t even unlove you the way you unloved me and dumped me off like a fucking garbage so fucking easily. Fuck me right, Benhor Hontor?

If there’s a time in your life you can have a gun in your hand, please, shoot me dead, shoot me fucking dead Ben. I’m dying in this fucking hell you fucking dumped me in. It fucking hurts like hell all because of you. So might as well you just shoot me fucking dead, Ben.

A friend told me, “I know you love him (You, Ben), but you have let him go. You’re killing yourself”. But I love you so much fucking much I can’t Ben. I can’t find a way to let you go and this pain instead drives me to love you even more, ever more. Besides, we made a promise to each other and even though you broke it, I’m keeping it – to always love each other through it all.

By the way Ben dear, please pray to your imaginary god that I may one day wake up to a power of Jean Grey’s Phoenix brute ability so I can unleash this hell you’ve caged in me because in a way only I myself could understand, I don’t believe in love after all. Thanks to you, Ben.

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