Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

Every second is a thought of you. You fucked me up real good, real bad, Catholic Priest Reverend Father Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor.


Hi Uncle Ben, you’ve been busy with the Advent confession bullshit lately I suppose. Good, do ask the confessors some personal questions that are so very off the confession intentions, I heard that you do this quite a lot every time during confession especially when a person who confesses is of your interest. Really? What a digger you can be huh? I’m somewhat surprised by the way but I’m not surprised in a way. Well, after reading this, you might change that info-digging habit, because people really actually read just to let you know.

Ben. Ben. Ben… it’s funny that only when you’ve became a priest you started to look for family lines and any blood related shitfucks and all that shits and fucks, you know the fuck what?… of course people and some asses will converse deeply about it trying to relate themselves to you in ways they possibly could simply because you are a priest, a Catholic Priest. Nobody gives a shit if you are not a Catholic Priest, Ben. You know that. Who looked at you and traveled miles for you when you were not a Catholic Priest yet? Nobody Ben. No fucking body. But I fucking did, didn’t I? I fucking did. All the fucking time.

People are literally worshiping and hailing priests because priest are to them God-sent… gosh, what a clearly fucktard asinine belief this god-sent motherfucking crap is. Now back to the family lines and blood related shitfucks thingy, how can you be so not clever to not realizing that, Ben? I mean, you don’t even realize that people actually talk to you because you a priest do you? Never mind.

Christmas is coming. Big ass money is coming into your priestly pocket, Ben. Buy gifts for your new boyfriend okay? Have sex with him in a nice hotel yeah? Yeah, I’m all jealous as fuck.

May be you should pretend that you quit priesthood and then you’ll realize I said the truest shit when it comes to people only talk to and befriend you because you are a Catholic priest. But nah, you won’t and you will never quit nor pretend to quit priesthood because through all the years we were together, I noticed how the praises have changed you much and I know that the very main reason is because you’re not willing and you can’t lose all the good money you are currently earning and being given and getting so damn freely and so damn easily through the easy ass works in priesthood.

You can pretend that you’re a poor guy by not wearing that pretty pricey watch of yours or whatever the fake drama you can fake the fuck out, because a ‘Catholic Priest’ after all in its very essence is a highly lucrative job. Oh, Christmas is coming, I’m not surprised if you’re going to hit around 10 to 15K or slightly less or even more that than in your pocket in within just days. Shake hands, free banks. Befriend all the more the grandpas and grandmas like you always do if you know what I mean, their pockets shine the most, so naturally do the digging and befriending alright Ben? You’re good at that.

See? That’s why you’re not willing and you can’t lose the Catholic Priest title. Fine, your family is dependent much on it and on you in a way anyway… so… it’s good to stay. This reminds of a line I wrote in “Benhor, you fucking hurt me like hell” song where it says “No wonder every dude tries to enter the seminary”.

And oh, back to first paragraph – busy? Busy my ass – my ass that which you fucked with your penis, Uncle Ben. Yeah, I’m guessing that you’re busy text chit-chatting and video-calling with your new fucking boyfriend – if any, but I’m sure as hell you do – whoever that soon-to-be-dumped-like-a-fucking-garbage-as-well fucker is.

Also, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to have sex with your new boyfriend during this Advent and confession seasons but you most likely and most definitely will have sex with your boyfriend around the coming Christmas days… like you and I used to back then when we were still the world’s cutest and hottest lovers. Technically, we still are… technically. Shit, I miss us making love on Sugud Hill and Logkou Hill in your church-given Toyota Vigo SAA6620K car like we used to. Suck it, you say. Sucked, I did.

Blowjobs and sex. Who’s the lucky dick and butt you have now, Fr. Max Benhor Hontor?

I wonder who sucks your dick and whose butt you’re sexing with now Ben. I still have that box of condoms with two condoms in it we haven’t yet use Ben. You already used one wrapped over your penis making love with me that night before dumping me off like a fucking trash the next day.

Nahhh, I should have kept all the condoms you and I had used every time we had sex when we were in our 3 years love relationship back then. I guess only my mouth has the traces of your sperms, your semen DNA but a mouth’s saliva has some sort of an enzyme known as the enzyme amylase or ptyalin if I get that right, it is capable of breaking down food and traces and traces like semen would only last for like 3 hours or 72 hours the longest.

Back to the Christmas bucks, good money’s coming in your way this Christmas, Reverend Father Max Benhor Hontor. Good, buy nice gifts for your new beloved boyfriend okay? Enjoy a fucking good sex with your new boyfriend and once you’re bored, dump him the way you dumped me and get another new boyfriend to love and have sex with and then dump that motherfucker again. Rinse and repeat the process. Rinse and repeat. Like I said a couple times, the fuck-and-go-type runs in your blood… the marry-then-divorce type. You know what this truly means.

By the way, I got to the thoughts that when I started to I publicly expose things about us, may be there are already some gay men and gay boys contacting you. You’ll filter the list of who’s more handsome and manly kinda gay and good looking and you play your normal “How are you?” WhatsApp texts to begin the ice-breaking with. Smart ass.

Oh shit, I remember one thing. Remember when you and I had our dinner on my birthday in Tanjung Aru that night when my high school friend’s very fucking handsome dad passed by us and my friend’s dad greeted me and you were looking at him like god he’s so fucking handsome and then when he left you asked me questions about him and you started to search for that friend of mine on Facebook because his dad is so fucking handsome. Then I got jealous and said to you,”Hmm, ya, search on Facebook, the dad’s so handsome”. Then you were like moddlycoddlingly kicked my leg trying to kid around. You’re such a cutie, Ben.

The church asses are working to help you and silencing me. Protect the priest, protect the church they say. Kiss my ass that which you had fucked, Ben.

Congratulations Ben.

The parishioners have reported my Instagram account that I can’t really post a post now. My Instagram profile and the pictures in it, if viewed by others, can’t be viewed. Such win for them and for you huh Ben? Congratulations. Such win. I smirked.

You sure have a lot of back-ups from the people in St. Paul Church Dontozidon, Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Kota Kinabalu, St Catherine Inanam and St. Michael Penampang and so on and on I believe. Well, it’s a gut feeling… and a gut feeling is often true. In front of me these asses are nice, “a bunch of very nice Christians”, some fucking sour candies apparently.

Really, it’s amazing how these parishioners are working their asses off to back you ‘their Catholic priest’ up. And really, it’s amazing how these parishioners are working their asses off to back the Catholic Church Diocese of Kota Kinabalu up.

By back up, I mean, they are working to somewhat seal the story in complete silence and wanting to shut it from being spread and known. I mentioned this my previous posts and Virgin forking Mary’s fucking handsome forking grandpa, I’m not surprised at all, I had expected it all to come. And it did. My gut feeling was right after all. Now go and thank those people, Ben, your people. They are helping you. Nice sheep they are.

And guess what? Underestimate me, that’ll be fun. That’ll be so much fun.

I fret not. I’ll do things nice and slow… just like the way you intimately sexed and fucked me nice and slow, Fr. Maxmilliano Benhor Hontor.

I wonder who is that Catholic priest that I heard abused a woman? What more does the Catholic Church in Kota Kinabalu hide? Sure there are lots of hot and sexy things going on behind its thick ass walls. Fuckennn…

Oh wait, by the way, remember what I wrote previously, urm, regarding the woman who was abused by a local Catholic Priest? I heard that the bosses and the heads and the big guys of the Catholic Church Kota Kinabalu whoever those motherfuckers are, they requested the woman to drop the case. That’s what I heard though. Astonishing.

Well, I hope the woman will not going to shut her goddamn mouth about it no matter the assload of money the church might going to offer her. If she’s going to shut her goddamn mouth because of the offered money if any, then she is indeed a stupid bitch then. I hope she reads this though -ay bitch, rock the fuck on and never shut nor be silenced. The parishioners are going and coming in hard to shut you the fuck down but if justice is what you seek for your fucked and raped and abused little big ass stink ass pussy, then shut the fuck not. Call it your pussy revenge, beeyatch.

Also, I heard that the priest who abused her has now fallen sick, poor little kitty. Such coincidence eh? Meh. Is he really sick or he puts on a great sick show? I don’t know. What I’m trying to say is, the top rank sheep and the low rank sheep are really some back-each-others’-asses flocks of Jesus’ fucking sheep.

Alleluia, hell-fuckin-luia.

Now here’s to the people who want to silent this story between you and I, Ben… they can shut me all they want through whatever approaches and alternatives they intend to exert. As atheistic as I am, I wrote a song called “Alleluia” because everybody likes to sing-along right? Right….

I’m not here to bring you down, Ben. I’m keeping our love story and promises alive. Also, by writing songs, it doesn’t mean that I want to be known, or to be rich, or to be popular or shit like that but if luck strikes then why the fuck not? But cheers to that one beautiful day to come, I only look forward to the most pretty sunset where the crow and the dove soar the sky together to a pretty somewhere.

Enjoy your abundant priesthood money, Ben. Stay a priest, please. You can’t live without the money and privileges it’s giving you. I know. We talked about this.

Your nephew,

P/S: I might get murdered for this shit because the Catholic Church is a pretty influential organization I’d reckon, but I’m already dead, so fuck it. Chop me dead, chop chop, it’ll taste like the church’s holy bread on a fucking Sunday.

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