Paul & Max Benhor Hontor

Suck it (your dick), you said. Father Max Benhor Hontor.


I keep this love and lollipopping blowjob scene short. Since we were lovers (and still we are, technically), I cherish our love and sucked your hard and tasty dick. As you moaned in a pleasure, you held my head… up and down… up and down until you cum.

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Warm and delicious. Aah, that beautiful night on Sugud Hill. In fact, we had many beautiful nights there. An intimate love between an uncle who is also a Catholic priest in Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Kota Kinabalu, Father Max Benhor Hontor and his nephew – me, Paul.

A 3-long year love relationship. A relationship so sweet. Then I got dumped like a fucking trash back in March 2018. All the love we shared, snapped, in all of a sudden. Fuck. It hurts like hell.

This is all that I have to write today, Ben.

Love & lollipops,

P/S: I was wondering who’s your new lover now Ben? If this new lover of yours is reading this, let me speak to that soon-to-be-trashed-too donkey. Hey donkey, once you’ve done sucking and licking Ben’s penis, make sure to lick it clean, lick every milk off his penis tip. Kiss his penis gently and kiss his balls too, then put it back in his underwear. Zip his pant. Kiss his lip. Tell him you love him. Like I always did. Don’t just know how to undress and fuck but don’t dress back up. Anyways, you soon-to-be-trashed-too donkey, yes, you will soon be trashed too, like a fucking garbage.

P/P/S: I love you Ben. Keep enjoying your priesthood money and buy gifts and great happy meals for your lover. And though I write things like shit, I love you still. I got our promise to keep remember? The through it all thing? You don’t remember do you? Oh, and that’s why you dump and left me alone. Anyway, I will always love you more than your imaginary Jesus ever does.

P/P/P/S: Listen to this.

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